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Thursday, March 4, 2010

blossom + stems = creative collaboration

If I had a list of fellow floral artists whom I admire the most, I'd have to say that Audrey at Studio Stems is at the top of my list. Her work is stunning, her style immaculate, and her eye for design perfected. I've known this from the moment I became acquainted with her work. She has developed a reputation locally and beyond for being at the top of the floral game. She is the definition of expert when it comes to creating blooming beauties.

That being said, when it came my way, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day with Audrey. It was a day where we shared our personal expertise with each other, what we've learned from experience in the industry, and we were both able to subsequently grow as artists in our craft. I'll tell you what (and I've already expressed this to Audrey), I came away from our day of co-education feeling like I had a literal wealth of knowledge bestowed upon me. Thank you, Audrey! See the Studio Stems blog-post of the day here.

Why the day was rockin' awesome:

  • I had already had quite a bit of correspondence with Audrey via blog commenting, Utah Bride Blog, etc., but I finally got to meet her in person which was truly a treat, and I'm glad we got to know each other better
  • I came away with vast amounts of business know-how for which I'm SO grateful
  • I was able to share in my self-taught photoshop skills which was a fun experience for me
  • We shared a bit about our creative processes
  • Educational opportunities {especially ones that are actually worth it ... basket bouquets ... just throwing that out there} are few and far between locally. Even for that reason alone, this day was FAR MORE than worth it.
  • We were able to design together. We bought some flowers that morning, and then with those flowers we each made a bouquet. I loved this because even considering the fact that we used the exact same flowers, as two different artists, we came up with two different designs which represented our individual creative aesthetics.
  • Audrey is fun, and if I may be so bold I think we had a good time "hanging out" :)
Okay, okay, picture time . . . I get it, it's still winter and we all need some serious color therapy!

Here are our two bouquets together [blossom sweet laying, studio stems standing]:


p.s. my blog-stalking friends, since i love you so much and everything, i've been working tirelessly to update my website for you. let me repeat that: tirelessly! i'm so excited - you're going to love it. it's just my style and will showcase Blossom Sweet a million times better than my current site. i'll keep you posted! watch for the official announcement soon.

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Audrey O'Brien said...

thank you! beautifully said, written, and done! i adore you. site looks fantastic and i love your choice of wording and info! great job!