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Monday, March 22, 2010

2010: year of the hollys

Holly isn't the most common name, you know? That's why I find it funny that I have FOUR weddings this Spring season with ladies bearing that very name! FOUR HOLLY BRIDES! Kind of funny, I think.

My first Holly got married last week and her wedding was GORGEOUS. I hope to get photos from her all-kinds-of-fabulous event.

And, my second Holly gets married this coming Saturday. Remember her "groomals" flowers a few weeks back? Just wait til you see her wedding bouquet! I'm really excited about it.

Holly and Mark were kind enough to be my guinnea pigs for a new blog series I'm planning to implement; a series which will spotlight the couples of my upcoming events. I've played with this idea off and on & here and there over the past couple years, but I want to make it more of a regular occurrence. Of course this will be optional for each couple, and I don't anticipate that every single couple will want to do it. But, for those who are willing, I think it's a great way to highlight their couple-personalities and then see how those personalities translate into their floral concepts. Should be fun!

Holly + Mark
[Randy Collier Photography]
Q & A:

How did he propose?

We had secretly been planning to get engaged for a couple of weeks before the proposal: ring shopping, deciding on a date, wedding style, etc. On Thanksgiving night after we had spent the day with each of our families, Mark came to my house, got down on one knee, told me he loved me and asked if I would marry him. I love that it was a private moment between just the two of us and that it was our little secret.

We surprised our families the next day at a joint birthday party (my birthday was two days after Thanksgiving and his was two days after that). I made a three-tier cake that looked like a wedding cake with our names and wedding date written on it in frosting. At the end of the party, Mark and I brought in the cake, I had my ring on, and the birthday party quickly became an engagement party!

Prior to engagement, what was your favorite date?

Holly: My favorite date is our first date where we went to dinner with Mark’s sister, brother-in-law and nephew, and then to a monster truck rally, where we witnessed a cross-section of society I rarely see or think about. Not exactly your typical first date, definitely not my scene (or his) but I loved it because I could tell even then that Mark was different than anyone I had ever met, and I loved how I felt around him. That date was off-beat in a lot of ways (doubling with Mark's sister, monster trucks), but that date was also the first time I’d ever felt that way and I’ll treasure it forever.

Mark: My favorite date is our Valentine's Day (eve) date when I created a candelight dinner of home-made Chicken Cordon Bleu and Martinelli Sparkling Cider. All day, I had told Holly to plan on something that evening, but I didn't tell her what it was. Then I picked her up and told her that I needed to stop by the house to get something, to try to make her think we were going to a restaurant. I told her she might as well go in the house. The lights were off. She walked into the kitchen, which was lit only by a single candle and the LCD screen of my laptop playing songs from The Killers' new album Day and Age. Then she got emotional. Maybe I cherish that date so much because Holly's emotions really showed me how much she cared about me.

How did you meet?

In the singles’ ward! You guys, singles’ wards work!

What are your favorite qualities about each other?

Holly: So many…I dare anyone who meets Mark not to like him! I love that he is tall, I love his kind eyes and generous, easy demeanor, and I love that he goes to concerts with me and that his hands are always warm. But, my favorite things have to be his smile, his sense of humor (getting each others' jokes is a big deal to me), and the fact that he always tries to make me happy and to be a better person. His earnest desire to make me happy inspires me to make him happy.

Mark: I am struck by just how selfless and considerate Holly is. I love her sense of responsibility. She loves to be with me, no matter what we are doing. That is awesome. We love our little inside jokes. Of course, Holly takes care of herself and enjoys looking smokin' hot. I like that about her. She has a sarcastic, dry wit that most women don't have. I also love that she's musical, and can play the guitar and piano. And she's crafty. By crafty, I mean good at making crafts.

Thanks, Holly & Mark!
AKA cutest couple ever.

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T-Ray said...


Jenny said...

Awwwwwwww! So sweet! Can't wait to see the bouquet!
By the way, sorry about being one of the off beat parts of your favorite date. Glad it worked out anyway.

The Genuine Voice of Lisa said...

Oh my! I was almost in tears reading all of this! Thank you for spotlighting Mark and Holly! They are a one of a kind incredible couple and a perfect match! I am so happy they found each other and will be married soon! They sound so madly in love with each other, I love it!

Holly said...

Jenny, LOL! It was a lot of fun, but you have to admit that doubling with your married sibling isn't exactly a run of the mill first date!