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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this is why, this is why, this is why I'm COOL

People ask me all the time what I do. After I explain it to them, the response that comes almost always includes the exact phrase, "That is so cool!"

Yes, it is! I can't argue with that.

So, as I've been thinking about just how cool I am - and I've been thinking about it a LOT :) - I've come to realize that being a florist is really "IN" right now. I keep seeing characters in the media who play the part of a floral professional.

Here's what I've come up with [I'm sure this list is not comprehensive]:

I'm going to start with my favorite: Jennifer Aniston in "Love Happens." She's the epitome of cool, right? The shop she owns in the movie is called Eloise's Garden. I love this flick. Jen plays opposite of Aaron Eckhart, which I'm pretty sure is a foreshadow of things to come for me! Wishful thinking.

And let's not look past her assistant, Judy Greer, who is one of my favorite supporting actresses. She's hilarious in every role she plays.My second example is Mandy Moore in "License to Wed." Once again, this COOL [and might I add beautiful] gal plays the role of a floral shop owner.
Who saw "Valentine's Day?" Did you notice what Ashton did for a living? Yep, this cool cat owned a rockin' flower shop. Love it.
Lastly, there was this show on CBS called "The Ex List." I never saw it, and I think it got canceled, but the main character was, once again, a floral shop owner.

Need I remind you that I'm cool? After all these pop-culture references, I think a reminder is unnecessary.

Yep... this is why, this is why, this is why I'm COOL!

Friday, March 26, 2010

cute as a button

Just finished up with the flowers for Holly #2's wedding, and I am:

1. beat
2. very pleased with the result
3. happy as a clam that Holly l.o.v.e.d. the flowers!

Everything I created had button mums used in some way in the design. How I do love cute-as-a-button buttons!

Best wishes!

Here are a few shots I got of the bouquet today {sidenote: wind makes taking photos significantly more difficult}:
flowers used in the bouquet: roses, button mums {2 varieties}, cushion mums {2 varieties}, garden roses {my favorite!}, lisianthus


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

frostbite love

Heidi & Josh were married back on December, on a day which must have been the coldest day in the history of the world! At least that's what it felt like to me [for more details, see my previous post of the day here]. Despite the frigid temps, their day was beautiful, and their love smokin' hot! :)

I just received some of the photos from the blessed event. Thank you!

Photography by Kristie Moss Photography

So, I'm going to put this out there ... do they look alike or what?! They go nicely together. :)
love this one of Heidi:
the cake:
the bouquet:
love this last image:

Monday, March 22, 2010

2010: year of the hollys

Holly isn't the most common name, you know? That's why I find it funny that I have FOUR weddings this Spring season with ladies bearing that very name! FOUR HOLLY BRIDES! Kind of funny, I think.

My first Holly got married last week and her wedding was GORGEOUS. I hope to get photos from her all-kinds-of-fabulous event.

And, my second Holly gets married this coming Saturday. Remember her "groomals" flowers a few weeks back? Just wait til you see her wedding bouquet! I'm really excited about it.

Holly and Mark were kind enough to be my guinnea pigs for a new blog series I'm planning to implement; a series which will spotlight the couples of my upcoming events. I've played with this idea off and on & here and there over the past couple years, but I want to make it more of a regular occurrence. Of course this will be optional for each couple, and I don't anticipate that every single couple will want to do it. But, for those who are willing, I think it's a great way to highlight their couple-personalities and then see how those personalities translate into their floral concepts. Should be fun!

Holly + Mark
[Randy Collier Photography]
Q & A:

How did he propose?

We had secretly been planning to get engaged for a couple of weeks before the proposal: ring shopping, deciding on a date, wedding style, etc. On Thanksgiving night after we had spent the day with each of our families, Mark came to my house, got down on one knee, told me he loved me and asked if I would marry him. I love that it was a private moment between just the two of us and that it was our little secret.

We surprised our families the next day at a joint birthday party (my birthday was two days after Thanksgiving and his was two days after that). I made a three-tier cake that looked like a wedding cake with our names and wedding date written on it in frosting. At the end of the party, Mark and I brought in the cake, I had my ring on, and the birthday party quickly became an engagement party!

Prior to engagement, what was your favorite date?

Holly: My favorite date is our first date where we went to dinner with Mark’s sister, brother-in-law and nephew, and then to a monster truck rally, where we witnessed a cross-section of society I rarely see or think about. Not exactly your typical first date, definitely not my scene (or his) but I loved it because I could tell even then that Mark was different than anyone I had ever met, and I loved how I felt around him. That date was off-beat in a lot of ways (doubling with Mark's sister, monster trucks), but that date was also the first time I’d ever felt that way and I’ll treasure it forever.

Mark: My favorite date is our Valentine's Day (eve) date when I created a candelight dinner of home-made Chicken Cordon Bleu and Martinelli Sparkling Cider. All day, I had told Holly to plan on something that evening, but I didn't tell her what it was. Then I picked her up and told her that I needed to stop by the house to get something, to try to make her think we were going to a restaurant. I told her she might as well go in the house. The lights were off. She walked into the kitchen, which was lit only by a single candle and the LCD screen of my laptop playing songs from The Killers' new album Day and Age. Then she got emotional. Maybe I cherish that date so much because Holly's emotions really showed me how much she cared about me.

How did you meet?

In the singles’ ward! You guys, singles’ wards work!

What are your favorite qualities about each other?

Holly: So many…I dare anyone who meets Mark not to like him! I love that he is tall, I love his kind eyes and generous, easy demeanor, and I love that he goes to concerts with me and that his hands are always warm. But, my favorite things have to be his smile, his sense of humor (getting each others' jokes is a big deal to me), and the fact that he always tries to make me happy and to be a better person. His earnest desire to make me happy inspires me to make him happy.

Mark: I am struck by just how selfless and considerate Holly is. I love her sense of responsibility. She loves to be with me, no matter what we are doing. That is awesome. We love our little inside jokes. Of course, Holly takes care of herself and enjoys looking smokin' hot. I like that about her. She has a sarcastic, dry wit that most women don't have. I also love that she's musical, and can play the guitar and piano. And she's crafty. By crafty, I mean good at making crafts.

Thanks, Holly & Mark!
AKA cutest couple ever.

Friday, March 19, 2010

lea's bouquet

Lea & Andrew are getting married today up in Salt Lake. They just came to pick up the bouquet, but I made sure to snap a few photos before pick up. I'll do my best to get more photos of everything tonight. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stephanie's bridals

Stephanie was married back in January and just sent me over some of her bridals. I love them, and the ice-covered lake coupled with the blue sky and snow-capped mountains looks so beautiful it could be fake! But, it is the reality of the beauty we have locally.

Thanks, Steph! You made a beautiful bride.
photo credit: jun song

contact field issue

FYI, it has come to our attention that the "contact" form on the website has not been working correctly the past week. It is now fixed.

If you sent a message through the website contact field in the past week and have not heard back, it is because we did not receive your message. Please try again as it is now working.

Thank you! We apologize for the inconvenience.

P.S. Watch for a new flower post this evening!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

editorial feature

Well hello again my blog friends. Thanks for all the website comments/emails/etc. So glad you love it!

I have been all kinds of busy this week, with a wedding yesterday of one of my best friends. The day was all kinds of beautiful, and the reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was just stunning. As such, of course I had no time to get any photos! I was too busy making the pretty. Anyway, I should be getting some of her photos, so for now I'll just tell you this. The cake was a literal masterpiece {my favorite cake I've ever done} and the centerpieces were a thing divine. Oh how I hope they got photos! Only time will tell. Love you, L + C.

Anyway, since I was so busy yesterday I had no time to announce that Blossom Sweet had an editorial featured on Utah Bride Blog yesterday. How we do love UBB. You can check out the post & photo here. Thanks UBB!

I've also included the text here if that is easier for you. Written by Melissa {yours truly} of Blossom Sweet:


They say that first impressions tell you a lot about a person. Well, the same theory holds true for consultations – your first meeting with your potential floral vendor will tell you a lot about how your once-in-a-lifetime event is going to turn out should you choose to book with that particular company.

Having a successful initial consultation is oh-SO-important. It is in consult that your floral vision begins to take shape and come to life. As a planning bride, its important for you to know what the expect in the consultation process. Today we will be addressing FAQ’s that brides-to-be often have when the time rolls around to choose their floral designer. Keep in mind that each vendor’s process varies from the next, but the general information provided here today should hold true in most cases.

WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION: Top event florists are usually booked far in advance, especially during peak wedding months. That being the case, it is wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to cutting it close. We cannot stress this enough – if you want a top designer, book your consultation as far in advance as possible! Engagements vary in length, so it’s hard to pinpoint a specific number of months to book in advance. Just rememember that it’s the flowers that are going to make your wedding gorgeous {other then your pretty face of course}. DON’T save the part – the beautiful best – for last!

HOW DO I CHOOSE WHICH VENDOR TO SCHEDULE AN APT WITH ANYWAY?: Do your part. “Your part” requires you to check out websites, blogs, testimonials of the vendor’s past clients, etc. Thoroughly examine the portfolios of potential vendors {so easily done these days online!}, and then narrow your list down to those who you feel would best express your style and bring your floral vision to life. When you come to a conclusion of the florist who you feel suits you, your style, and your personality best, contact that professional without delay!

HOW MUCH DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FLOWERS?: Do you know what tulips, roses, lilies, and daisies are, but have little floral knowledge beyond that? Or, are you saying to yourself, “what – whats a lily again?” Never fear, your designer is here! If you feel clueless, dont be shy, we wont judge! Seasoned designers have experience working with clients ranging from those who know the ins n outs of bloom varieties, all the way to those who have no clue how to tell a rose from a tulip. Wherever it is that you fall on that floral knowledge spectrum, your designer will know how to put your mind at ease and give you a vivid picture of what the finished product will look like.

DO I HAVE TO PAY A DEPOSIT?: Many floral vendors require some form of a deposit at consultation. To ensure that you are prepared should a deposit be required, ask questions! Find out what kind of deposit is required at consultation {and what payment options are accepted} – if any – BEFORE you get to your meeting.

WILL I HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT AT THE CONSULTATION?: Be prepared to sign a contract to book your date with your florist. It may or may not be required for you to sign a contract at your initial consultation, each florist will vary in the matter. However, you will find that the vast majority of vendors will require you to sign a contract at some point in the booking process. Don’t hesitate to bring up any questions you have in regards to the contract – your vendor will be happy to answer any potential questions you may have.

WHAT INFORMATION TO I NEED TO BRING WITH ME?: Here is a general checklist of information that will be helpful in consultation. Check with your florist prior to consultation to make sure you com prepared with the necessary 411

Quantities: What does your bridal party consist of? How many bridesmaids? How many tables will you be having at your reception etc. etc.

Budget: It is beyond helpful for your florist to know what kind of budget is available. This way, expectations can be realistic and your budget maximized.

Colors: Bring color samples/swatches for your florist to keep on file and yes its helpful to know your colors prior to this consultation.

Bridal Portraits: Are you having bridals and/or groomals taken? When? Where? Will you need a bouquet and/or a boutonniere?

Other vendors: Bring as much info as you have for your other wedding vendors such as your photographer, caterer, venue, etc.

Preferences: How would you describe your general style? Is there a certain look you are going for? Is there a certain look of which you wish to steer clear?

Photos: Bring any photos or images you’ve seen that showcase the look you are going for. While this is not necessary, it will give the designer an added boost towards envisioning your custom order to be just what you have in mind.

HOW LONG DOES THE MEETING LAST?: Be prepared to invest at least 1.5 hours of your time in your first consultation. The time it actually takes can vary between approximately 45 min to 2 hours. On average, a consultation takes 1-1.5 hours.

WHO SHOULD COME TO THE CONSULTATION?: This subject is a matter of personal preference. Most brides come with either their fiance, their mother, or both. Alternatively, some brides choose to go at it alone. Choose whichever option works for you, but keep in mind that whoever is supplying the “moola” for your event should probably be in attendance. Just a thought!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a site for sore eyes: the big unveiling

The new, improved, and updated Blossom Sweet Site is up and running! The old site will always hold a special place in my heart, but the new site showcases our work and style on an entirely superior level. I'm very proud of how it turned out!

Please take a moment to see the site for yourself - it's quite the site for sore eyes if I do say so myself!

Here's a screen shot of the splash page which gives an option of going to the site or to the blog:

On the site you'll find detailed information concerning our bloomin' biz in regards to how the whole process works; our general pricing structure; some new song selections {along with some of the old of course}; and last but not least, what you really want {because I KNOW this is what you really want . . . Fiona, I know you're reading this, so this one's for you . . .}: FOUR new galleries that are all kinds of fabulous.

The featured galleries include:

  • bouquets
  • bridal party
  • decor
  • portrait bouquets
In the galleries you'll find a combination of photos you haven't seen in a LONG time, photos you may have seen already but are now in a format which is much easier to view, and guess what? You'll also find several beauties that you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE! That's right, they're making their debut along with the site itself.

For example, here are some of the gallery shots:

To see more where that came from, visit the site! Seriously, go there now! Hope you love it. Let me know what you think!

Friday, March 5, 2010

leslie's portrait bouquet

Leslie & Cory are having their groomals shots taken tomorrow, and here's a snapshot I got of the portrait bouquet. I love it! Simple, elegant, full, and traditional. Just the look Leslie is going for. Good luck with the love shoot, L + C!

Love you guys.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

blossom + stems = creative collaboration

If I had a list of fellow floral artists whom I admire the most, I'd have to say that Audrey at Studio Stems is at the top of my list. Her work is stunning, her style immaculate, and her eye for design perfected. I've known this from the moment I became acquainted with her work. She has developed a reputation locally and beyond for being at the top of the floral game. She is the definition of expert when it comes to creating blooming beauties.

That being said, when it came my way, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day with Audrey. It was a day where we shared our personal expertise with each other, what we've learned from experience in the industry, and we were both able to subsequently grow as artists in our craft. I'll tell you what (and I've already expressed this to Audrey), I came away from our day of co-education feeling like I had a literal wealth of knowledge bestowed upon me. Thank you, Audrey! See the Studio Stems blog-post of the day here.

Why the day was rockin' awesome:

  • I had already had quite a bit of correspondence with Audrey via blog commenting, Utah Bride Blog, etc., but I finally got to meet her in person which was truly a treat, and I'm glad we got to know each other better
  • I came away with vast amounts of business know-how for which I'm SO grateful
  • I was able to share in my self-taught photoshop skills which was a fun experience for me
  • We shared a bit about our creative processes
  • Educational opportunities {especially ones that are actually worth it ... basket bouquets ... just throwing that out there} are few and far between locally. Even for that reason alone, this day was FAR MORE than worth it.
  • We were able to design together. We bought some flowers that morning, and then with those flowers we each made a bouquet. I loved this because even considering the fact that we used the exact same flowers, as two different artists, we came up with two different designs which represented our individual creative aesthetics.
  • Audrey is fun, and if I may be so bold I think we had a good time "hanging out" :)
Okay, okay, picture time . . . I get it, it's still winter and we all need some serious color therapy!

Here are our two bouquets together [blossom sweet laying, studio stems standing]:


p.s. my blog-stalking friends, since i love you so much and everything, i've been working tirelessly to update my website for you. let me repeat that: tirelessly! i'm so excited - you're going to love it. it's just my style and will showcase Blossom Sweet a million times better than my current site. i'll keep you posted! watch for the official announcement soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lucky: a special photo of the month tribute

As March is generally considered the month of luck, I have chosen to spotlight the following photo for the "photo of the month" segment of the b-log. Why does this photo represent "luck?" Keep reading to find out the specifics.

I often get asked the question, "How did you get started with your business?" Well, I'm about to tell you. Listen to my "lucky" story.

I worked in a flower shop for two years prior to serving a mission for my church in Southern Georgia, USA. While working there, I always had roommates and friends ask me to personally design for their weddings. Believe it or not, I always replied with a resounding "NO!" However, one special, sweetest of all faces finally got me to say YES, and I discovered that I loved wedding floral design. And once I got my first "yes" out of the way, there was no slowing down! Word spread quickly and I designed for several weddings in the six months before I left on my mission.

About a year and a half later when my return home was fast approaching, I thought a lot about what I wanted to do when I got back to "real life." A wedding floral business was on my list of ideas, but not exactly at the top. Although I loved it, I knew how much work it took, and how stressful it could sometimes be. So after a good amount of thought, I decided against pursuing a career in the wedding industry.

Fast-forward to when I returned home. I remember this day vividly. It was a Saturday, and I had literally been home less than a few weeks. I was watching Saturday morning TV with my youngest brother when the phone rang. I answered it and heard, "Hi Melissa. I heard you do wedding flowers and my daughter is getting married. She goes to Utah State and is only in town during the weekends, and her wedding is in three weeks. Can we please come meet with you today?" I don't know what made me say it, but I heard myself saying, "YES," once again. So we set up a time for a couple hours later. And so it began...

The appointment rolled around, and in walked a mother and soon-to-be bride whom I had never before met. They came in and set down and I asked the mom, "So how did you find out about me exactly?" She proceeded to tell me that she had been in line at an elementary school that week to vote in a local election, and happened to be standing right behind a certain mother of the bride for whose wedding I had long ago designed. Apparently they got to talking and as she put it, "I just randomly asked her if she knew anyone who did beautiful wedding flowers - wait - that's not right. I was prompted to ask her if she knew anyone who did beautiful wedding flowers. And she just raved about you!"

The consultation went well. The wedding went well. I felt so happy with what I was doing. I realized that no matter how much work it took, I wanted to do what I loved so much. So without looking back even for a second, I officially founded Blossom Sweet less than two months after returning home, and it has been a fast-track to success from then and there. Do you see why I am so LUCKY!

I don't know what you believe, and if we don't believe exactly the same things, that's okay. But I hope you can appreciate the fact that I believe in a very real sense that I was pointed towards taking this direction for my life - I feel that I am supposed to be doing exactly what I am doing. I feel that the phone call I received that random Saturday morning was one of those meant-to-be type of occurrences we occasionally experience in our lives. I have been blessed with success and opportunities more rapid and wonderful than I could have ever hoped for. I have worked so hard for what I have achieved, but at the same time, I feel like success was handed to me. And I am so grateful!

So that's my story; that's how Blossom Sweet came to be. And that's how I came to pick the feature photo for March's photo of the month. It's one of my favorite photos from the very March wedding of which I have written about today. Isn't she such a cute little flower girl? I'm glad she somehow got ahold of the bride's bouquet because I love this picture. :)

It is a photo that to me represents luck, represents success, creativity, a love of beautiful things, and most of all, it represents blessing.

elements used in the bouquet:

  • standard callas
  • asiatic lilies
  • stephanotis
  • roses
  • israeli ruscus
  • peacock feathers
  • pearls
  • chocolate-brown satin ribbon
Finally, this is a cute little button I designed that is always displayed the sidebar of my personal blog {author of quote unknown}. I think it fits this post rather nicely. Feel free to snag it if you want, I won't mind. :)

Happy March!