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Monday, February 1, 2010

give me a {lovey dovey} giveaway!

Happy February!

I love this month-of-love, and in honor of said month, I think it's only proper to do a lovey dovey giveaway!

{even if you're not in the Provo/Orem area, READ ON as this particular prize can be mailed to any destination. And believe me... it's a goodie!}

{photo found at Martha Stewart}

So, I've been wondering lately just how people stumble upon the Blossom Sweet Blog. I'd love know who my visitors are and where they're coming from! That being said, I've placed a poll at the top left-hand corner of the blog. To be entered into the prize drawing, there are just two simple steps you need to take:
  1. Place your vote in the poll letting me know just how you came to know of Blossom Sweet.
  2. Once you've voted, simply leave some form of a comment on this post. All who leave a comment will be entered in the giveaway drawing.
So what's this prize, anyway? Ah, it's enviable!!!!!

For the winner of this giveaway, I will purchase all of the tracks from the Blossom Sweet Blog playlist: "Lovey Dovey Love Songs," {and then some} and will send you the purchased soundtrack prior to Valentine's Day! How perfect is that?

Here is a list of the songs- they are soooo, so good!:
  1. Love is All Around- Toby Lightman
  2. Nothing Fancy- Dave Barnes
  3. Bubbly {acoustic}- Colbie Caillat
  4. Love- Matt White
  5. Angel- Jack Johnson
  6. Speak Easy- Maria Taylor
  7. P.S. I Love You- Nellie Mackay
  8. Paperweight- Joshua Radin
  9. Sweet Pea- Amos Lee
  10. The Thief- Brooke Frazier
  11. Dream a Little Dream of Me- Robinella
  12. Close Your Eyes- Dave Barnes
  13. On My Mind- Kalai
  14. Dream- Priscilla Ahn
  15. Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg
  16. Lucky- Jason Mraz
  17. I'd Rather Be With You- Joshua Radin
  18. No Other Love- Chuck Prophet
  19. The Way I Am- Ingrid Michaelson
  20. Oh It Is Love- Hellogoodbye
  21. Lovely Tonight- Joshua Radin
  22. Magic- Colbie Caillat
  23. My Girl- Dave Barnes
Enter if you want to have the most enviable soundtrack in the history of lovey dovey love songs! I will announce the winner on Friday. Good luck!

20 sweet thought{s}:

Decker Family said...

I seek after positive things- uplifting blogs included. I saw your blossom sweet link on one of your followers blogs. I love the beautiful colors in your pictures and visiting your blog adds beauty to my day. Thank you.

Dev said...

I get so excited every time you have a new post Meliss! I love looking at all your beautiful creations! You are just so talented and I am so proud of you!

Maygen said...


Awww how I love looking at your beautiful flowers every now and again and seeing how you are doing! (plus I love checking out the UtahBrideblog and seeing you featured too!) It's sure been forever since we chatted. But really though- you have always had a gorgeous talent with flowers. love ya!!

Judy and KC said...

Love your blog! Love your flower arrangements! Love your positive outlook! Love your music choices!

The Sauls Family said...

I saw the work you did at a certain south Georgia wedding. ;)

Mindi said...

I love reading all of your blogs! I wish I was as talented as you are when it comes to decorating and flower arranging! Kudos on your success.

Jillian said...

First heard about you when you sent out a link about your new business on FaceBook. So fun :)

Amberlin Baxter said...

Well your an old neighbor and the ward gossip gets around! :-)

Brendon and Stephanie said...

Oooo, I would just LOVE to have some of Melissa's music picks playing in my house.

P.S. It was SOOOO good to talk with you the other week! I felt so happy after wards. You're amazing. Did I already mention that to you???

allie and jeff said...

I heard about your flowers from YOU, silly. You did them for my wedding and I keep seeing our pictures up! LOVED MY FLOWERS. Your blog is so cute.

erin said...

Once upon a time I lived in Utah Valley and I went to a "formerly known as Enrichment" floral activity and you were teaching it and it was awesome. The end.

Star Girl said...

I said on the poll that "facebook" was my connection but that was a mistake because real friends and friendships ALWAYS beat out facebook friends and facebook relationships. I don't know if that made as much sense as I want it to. Anyway, Melissa, I don't even know you that much but you're great and your blog's great and your flowers are greater:)

Kristin said...

We have been neighbors for as long as I can remember. I love this blog! I tell everyone about you!

caitlynirene said...

I can't wait to win this fab playlist for single awareness day!!!!

Randy and Anissa said...

You are so so SO talented, Melissa. I love to see your stuff!

Sara said...

I love lovey dovey love songs :)

Laura Lu said...

I work with Lisa Harper and noticed her looking at your blog one day. Your arrangements are so colorful and vibrant they kept me coming back.

Hema and Becky said...

I could sure use that great music. We pretty much listen to kids songs all day long around here. You are so talented Melissa. I love to see what you have created.

jamieandkarenandrews said...

Hey Melissa ... it's karen and caity .... we used your flowers at her wedding and now we'd love to have your sweet selection of lovey-dovey music. everything you do is magical! LY ...

Chelsea said...

For some reason I don't see your poll...anyway, I happened upon your blog through Jamie Stoker's blog. I think I've met you once before--you were a roommate of hers awhile ago? It was a long time ago, probably 4 years ago or so. Beautiful blog and your list of songs looks great!