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Saturday, January 23, 2010

utah valley bride feature

There's a new blog in town! Utah Valley Bride Magazine recently created a blog and asked Blossom Sweet to be featured in yesterday's post.

To see our feature post {complete with photos}, click here.

Here was my advice for their "rule of threes" series:

1. BLOG LOVE "This has been said time and time again, but choose a florist with a regularly updated blog and portfolio. A noteworthy blog will be regularly updated, fun to read, informative and visually splendid. You can place confidence in vendors who demonstrate expertise in the blogging arena."

2. COLOR LOVE "To ensure the look of your wedding is visually cohesive, choose your color palette wisely. If you have four or five shades you are set on incorporating, choose just one or two of those to be your main hues. The remaining colors can serve as accents."

3. PHOTO LOVE "Hire a photographer who excels in capturing details. Other than the blushing bride herself, flowers are what make a wedding beautiful. It breaks my heart when clients invest time, money and energy into making sure their flowers are stunning, only to get their photos back and find there are no great photos of them! When you invest in the details, invest in a photographer who will do them justice in capturing superb images. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!

Thanks, Utah Valley Bride!

3 sweet thought{s}:

Antoinette@wiseweddingstyles.com said...

I love your advice about checking out a florist's blog (or any vendor for that matter). In this day in age, it's certainly telling when it comes to quality services out there. Thanks!

pendant lighting said...

Great advice!

utah valley bride said...

And thank YOU for sharing your time and expertise with us! We adore working with you.