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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

life in full bloom

For as long as I have worked in the floral industry, I have always noticed and believed that flowers are prettiest just before they die - when petals are fully open, an entire blossom life-cycle has been lived, and bloom potential reaches its highest peak.

As I've thought about this floral phenomenon, I've applied the life of a flower to the lives of those whom we love. Tomorrow marks the day when, just four years ago, I lost one of my dearest and most darling friends in a car accident mere weeks after her wedding - a wedding for which I was the designer.

Just as a flower is most beautiful just before it dies, so too was my friend as she simply emanated joy during the months prior to her death.

Miss you, Love. Love you, Lovely.

In honor of a life in full bloom, prettiest in the end:

1 sweet thought{s}:

Hema and Becky said...

We think of her often too! She was very much a beautiful life in full boolm and a great example to us all!! Beautiful post Melissa!!