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Friday, January 8, 2010

cream of the crop: a spotlight featuring yours truly

Hey all, just a heads up that a spotlight on Blossom Sweet was featured today over at Utah Bride Blog. You can check out the post here. Hope you like it!

I want to talk a little bit about Utah Bride Blog. I am so excited and flattered to announce that Blossom Sweet has been listed as one of the three top floral vendors in the state for 2010. The vendors featured on UBB as well as the vendors that run the show over there are without a doubt the best the area has to offer - the cream of the crop. Here's what UBB has to say about those with a vendor listing:

In the January 1 post:
  • "Here at UBB we ensure our listings are not just advertising vendors but those we feel are the best in their field locally. Not just anyone can have one of these preferred spots, this means upon our recommendation you can be sure these professionals have the best services & products to offer."
In today's post:
  • "Under our vendor button you will find a menu that allows you to scroll down to flowers {just in case you werent sure} once you click on flowers you will find 3 of the very best florists in the state, these are those that UBB highly recommends!"
Thanks, UBB!

Now, a few items of business.
  1. The 2010 edition of the Utah Valley Bride Magazine just got back from print a couple of days ago. I'm really excited about it. Watch for a post in the very near future!
  2. I have been busy as a bee getting portrait bouquets done the last few weeks - I have four weddings coming up in January so I've been pretty darn tied up preparing for {cuatro} blessed events. Excited! I am going to make every effort to get some great photos of the events to share on the blog in the near future.
  3. Hiatus: Finally, I want to explain why I've been absentee in my Blossom Sweet posting for eight whole days!
  • New Year's Eve & New Year's Day
  • My 25th Birthday!
  • Start of the semester - my LAST one EVER!
  • Dental nightmare. Times six. Truly.

I have big plans for the Blossom Sweet Blog for 2010. Let it begin!

Post to you soon!

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