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Thursday, January 28, 2010

you get [MORE THAN] what you pay for

You know the old adage: "You get what you pay for?" Well, honeys, it's time to get that saying out of your head! Yep, when it comes to flowers for your big day, you get [MORE THAN] what you pay for!

Really? Really? How much work could it possibly be to design for weddings and events, anyway? It can't be that hard, right? Really.

Ooh, child, I promise you it's more work than you think! In this industry, there is SO much that goes on behind the scenes.

Now, let me say that I totally understand that in this economy, it's important to all of us to find the best deals possible. Believe me, I get it! That being said, I feel that it is important for brides to know what a steal of a deal they really get when it comes to hiring an event florist to bring their floral vision to life. Let me repeat that, STEAL OF A DEAL!

So, let me break it down for you. Here's what top event florists actually do for each wedding, each event, each bride:
  • Consultations: For me, an average consultation takes about an hour {they can take much longer}, and my consultations are "free, no obligation."
  • Custom Estimates: Putting together a custom bid takes a lot of time! I put a lot of effort into creating bids which fit the needs of each individual bride's floral vision. And once again, this is a "free, no obligation" item.
  • Placing the Order: Top florists have great relationships with their wholesale source, and work hard to make sure your order is placed on time and that you get what you want.
  • Bumps in the Road: Sometimes little things go wrong which are out of anyone's control. Which option would you choose? Option 1: Your florist calmly comes up with a solution and takes care of it. Option 2: You become a stress-case just before your wedding. Trust me, when your florist handles it, you'll never even know a thing about it. {For specific examples of "bumps in the road," you may want to revisit this post.}
  • Details: I go out of my way and all over the valley to find custom ribbons, handle treatments, etc., which make all the difference in the finished product. And in regards to the design process itself, you can't imagine how long it takes to make sure that intricate details are displayed throughout every design.
  • The Flowers Themselves: It goes without saying that high-quality flowers are expensive - absolutely stunning - but expensive. The cost of the flowers themselves is a LARGE portion of what you are paying for.
  • Processing: Roses have thorns to be removed, dried leaves and petals need to be groomed so that each bloom shines, air and water temperatures need to be just right, and each individual stem needs to be processed and freshly cut to ensure optimal water absorption. This is a time-consuming, arduous at times process!
  • Designing: This one's obvious, but it takes time, effort, and expertise to create your floral masterpieces!
  • Delivery & Set Up: Load up the car, make sure everything is sturdy and in place, drive to the destination, unload the car, set up, etc.
  • Cleaning Up the Flower Mess: To say that every inch of my design space is covered to the brim with a foot-high pile of leaves and stems to be cleaned up after every event is the understatement of the century. It's like a jungle in here!
  • Floral Knowledge: What's in season? What's not? What looks good together? What doesn't? You are paying for expertise, experience, and general floral know-how.
  • Advertising: Spreading the word is expensive! Worth it, but expensive. My clients don't pay for me to advertise, I do. The cost of running a business adds up quickly.
  • Supplies: When you haven't done flowers yourself, it's easy not to realize what supplies actually go into it - and supplies cost money. We're talking an endless supply of floral tape; corsage wristlets; pins, pins and more pins; oasis foam; floral preservative; corsage boxes; ribbons; beads; brooches; buckets; vases; wire; etc.
  • Blogging: Of COURSE I don't charge for my blogging services! {If I did, I dare say I'd be a rich woman!} But, I do invest a vast amount of my personal time and energy into making my blog a valuable tool for potential clients and brides in general in order for them to gain information and ideas, as well as {hopefully} a fun read.
  • TALENT: I wouldn't have started a business had I not thought I had something fabulous to offer. Anyone can "throw together an arrangement." Few can do it with flair. Are you paying for my talent? My eye for design? My up-to-date, current, modern yet classically artistic style? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Without a doubt. Again, I never would have started a business if I didn't truly believe I had something fabulously worthwhile to offer to the industry. I'm really grateful for the talents I've been given, and I'm grateful that with those talents I've created a livelihood for myself. I'm very lucky!
  • Time is Money, Honey: If you only knew the time it took to pull-off a successful wedding design, you'd probably wonder why anyone would be crazy enough to want to work in the wedding & event floral industry. I promise. And that's all I'm going to say about that.
So, there you go. I would say that the list above merely scratches the surface as to what an event florist actually does. What do you think? Anything you were surprised about? Either way, I hope that it at least enlightened you to some degree to the fact that event florists offer their services for a steal of a deal. And now to sum it all up, let me go back to what I said at the beginning:

You know the old adage: "You get what you pay for?" Well, honeys, it's time to get that saying out of your head! Yep, when it comes to flowers for your big day:
you get [MORE THAN] what you pay for!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

alex + brian

When Alex first approached me about designing for her wedding, she told me how much she loved yellow flowers. But, as she was getting married in late December, she wanted know if yellow flowers would look out of place. In a nutshell, no! We decided to make it work by implementing wintery elements such as pine cones, winter greens, and branches into her design concept. The look we went for was "seasonal, but not festive." Well, it worked out wonderfully! She got just what she wanted: yellow flowers against a backdrop of crisp white snow. I think the yellow really pops!

Moral of the story: when it comes to what you love and want, there's always a way to tweak your design to make it work . . . no matter what time of year!

photography by {phiz photo}:

The handsome couple, the beautiful day:

to see the long-since-past post of my snapshots, click here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

utah valley bride feature

There's a new blog in town! Utah Valley Bride Magazine recently created a blog and asked Blossom Sweet to be featured in yesterday's post.

To see our feature post {complete with photos}, click here.

Here was my advice for their "rule of threes" series:

1. BLOG LOVE "This has been said time and time again, but choose a florist with a regularly updated blog and portfolio. A noteworthy blog will be regularly updated, fun to read, informative and visually splendid. You can place confidence in vendors who demonstrate expertise in the blogging arena."

2. COLOR LOVE "To ensure the look of your wedding is visually cohesive, choose your color palette wisely. If you have four or five shades you are set on incorporating, choose just one or two of those to be your main hues. The remaining colors can serve as accents."

3. PHOTO LOVE "Hire a photographer who excels in capturing details. Other than the blushing bride herself, flowers are what make a wedding beautiful. It breaks my heart when clients invest time, money and energy into making sure their flowers are stunning, only to get their photos back and find there are no great photos of them! When you invest in the details, invest in a photographer who will do them justice in capturing superb images. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!

Thanks, Utah Valley Bride!

Friday, January 22, 2010

alex's bridals

Alex was a December bride... December 2008 to be exact! She just sent me over some of her photos, and I love them. Today's post will feature her bridal portraits, watch for the post of her wedding next!

What a beauty she is.
photography by {phiz photo}.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the lucky florist

Just completed my third and final consultation for the evening, and all three were with brides of the loveliest variety. Thank you, darling trio of brides to be. Thank you for making my "job" {I hesitate to even call it that} so pleasant and delightful.

Speaking of pleasant and delightful, somehow I always get the nicest/most beautiful/best clients. Always! Love it.

Thank you, ladies. You make me a lucky florist!

Monday, January 18, 2010

getting to know {me}

When selecting vendors for your wedding, there are many important things to consider, not the least of which is in regards to the personalities of the vendors themselves - it is important to choose vendors who demonstrate expertise in their field AND with whom you can simply get along!

That being said, I've decided to implement a new series of posts on the Blossom Sweet Blog, "Getting To Know The Artist." I anticipate that these posts will be somewhat infrequent and rather lighthearted in nature, but I think it will be a good way for all of you to get to know me on a personal level just a little bit better.

For the first installment, I thought I'd let you know that I love to play the piano in my spare time. I will own a baby grand in my lifetime. I promise you that! Music is my preferred channel for feeling and is among my most favorite pastimes.

So, that was the first official "getting to know the artist" moment - it wasn't too painful, right? :) And before I sign off for the night, I thought I'd share this little clip from "The King and I" just for fun {since it goes along so nicely with the new series of posts and all}. Looking forward to having you "get to know me" a little more from here on out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

steph's bouquet

Stephanie's wedding is in a couple of hours up in SLC, and I snapped a few quick shots of her bouquet this morning so you could get an idea of the overall look of her wedding. Stephanie is a graphic designer, and as such loved the idea of something traditional with an artsy twist. I dare say that everything - down to the very last sequin - turned out pretty pretty.

Great working with you, Steph! Best wishes and good luck today!

Align Center
flowers used: red france roses, black baccara roses, airbrushed callas, " fiddle fern, variegated lily grass, israeli ruscus.

ribbon treatment: started with a dark teal satin base, then wrapped in a sheer teal overlay, and finished with a final touch of a sequin and black pins accent.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

life in full bloom

For as long as I have worked in the floral industry, I have always noticed and believed that flowers are prettiest just before they die - when petals are fully open, an entire blossom life-cycle has been lived, and bloom potential reaches its highest peak.

As I've thought about this floral phenomenon, I've applied the life of a flower to the lives of those whom we love. Tomorrow marks the day when, just four years ago, I lost one of my dearest and most darling friends in a car accident mere weeks after her wedding - a wedding for which I was the designer.

Just as a flower is most beautiful just before it dies, so too was my friend as she simply emanated joy during the months prior to her death.

Miss you, Love. Love you, Lovely.

In honor of a life in full bloom, prettiest in the end:

Monday, January 11, 2010

stand by your man

What's the single most important item in regards to wedding flowers? The bride's bouquet, of course! But, girls, let's not get carried away. Keep in mind that the bride is not the only one getting hitched on her big day - don't forget the groom!

Stand by your man, ladies! After all, he will be right beside you in practically every photo. Be picky in selecting a floral vendor who excels in all areas of wedding floral design, including in the art of the boutonniere.

Case in point: look at that puppy-love grin. This groom {who belongs to Mickelle} is obviously thinking, "My boutonniere is more than I could have ever imagined and it makes me SO happy." Okay, maybe he's thinking that his beautiful bride makes him SO happy. But the rockin' boutonniere sure doesn't hurt!

Stand by your man.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

jessica to the third power

I had a wedding tonight, my third wedding with a bride named Jessica in the past year and a half. Random fact. :)

Anyway, everything was GORGEOUS. I love Jessica's style, and I think everything turned out even better than she had envisioned.

I will be getting the pro photos at some point {excited!}, so I won't post any of my amateur on-site photos from the reception itself. However, I will post a handful of photos I took before the event at my place. Watch for the "real" photos in another post.


bride's bouquet:

groom's bout:

some of the centerpieces:
{each centerpiece had a different vase from Jessica's personal collection - loved them!}

Loved working with you Jessica! Happy honeymooning.