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Friday, December 4, 2009

more money, less problems

I live in Utah Valley, so as can be expected in this area of the world, frugality is preached and frugality is practiced. But, let me put this out there: is choosing to spend the extra dollar always a bad thing? I can attest to the fact that when it comes to wedding flowers, when you hire an event florist you will pay a little more money, and by so doing, you will also experience a lot less problems.

I want to share the experiences of two real brides with you (said brides will remain nameless). These two brides chose to err on the side of penny-pinching when it came to their wedding flowers and what they got was STRESS, STRESS, STRESS! Truly. Read on.Bride #1:
This past August, Bride #1 was married. She had decided in her wedding planning to forgo hiring a professional floral designer and go with the "Costco option" instead, meaning that she would order flowers from Costco, pick them up herself the day prior to her wedding, and then put the arrangements together herself that night. Oh boy, here we go...

So, the morning before her wedding day, Bride #1 goes into Costco to pick up her flowers. But, guess what? Costco doesn't guarantee flower or color options! Did you know that? Sadly, Bride #1 didn't know that. Therefore, although her colors were shades of lavender and chartreuse, the flowers that came in were hot pink.

I got a call from Bride #1 at 4:15 pm the day prior to her wedding. Although I knew nothing of her wedding or flowers, she found my number and called in desperate search of lavender blooms. I had finished a consultation a few minutes before her call, so I was available to assist in her time of need and pick up some purple flowers before the wholesaler closed at 5:00 pm.

She was so grateful and told me that she had spent her entire day going to three Costco stores, as well as to every flower shop she could find, and none of them had the correct hue in stock. Call me crazy, but is that really how you want to spend the day before your wedding? This is just one reason why investing in a professional is worth every penny.

I held a consultation with Bride #2 (along with her mother) for her Spring wedding. She had a beautiful flower vision- excellent color, blossom, and style choice. However, a few weeks after the consult, Bride #2 decided to pocket her allocated floral budget, and go with an option of having her sister-in-law do the wedding flowers instead. Bride #2 said that, "She doesn't know anything about flowers and hasn't ever had any experience with floral design, but she said she would do it for free and I bet she'll do a pretty good job." Hmmm...

Fast forward to the day prior to her wedding. At the time, I was not only a floral designer but an interior designer as well. While I was at work that day, in rushed a frantic, obviously at the end of her rope, stressed to the maximum Mother of the Bride. Let me remind you, this was the very day prior to the upcoming wedding. The mother (who didn't recognize me) with tears in her eyes said to me, "Do you sell ribbon here? I've been to every store in the valley and I can't find any sheer black ribbon. My daughter is getting married tomorrow and I need sheer black ribbon for her bouquet! Please tell me you have some!" I told her that while we did sell a limited selection of ribbon, we did not have any black ribbon at the time. I gave her suggestions of where to find some, but to no avail. Every suggestion came with a response of, "I already tried there." She left with her head hanging down.

Sad day for Bride #2! She learned the hard way that even when "getting flowers for free," there is still a high price to be paid: STRESS. Is it worth amateur design and a wedding filled with unnecessary drama to not spend a buck? You decide.

Do you want to be stressed out the day before your wedding? No? Well, then don't attempt to do your own wedding flowers- don't even think about it.

Remember: a little bit MORE MONEY, a lot LESS PROBLEMS.

3 sweet thought{s}:

Ella Bella Floral said...

Wise advice... if there's anything I have learned from doing four of my own childrens weddings it's "hire the best professional your money can buy. This day only comes once and you wont get it back. The more of it you can enjoy the better your memories of it will be". Well said Melissa!

studio stems said...

i really heart this post. well said girl!

Branches said...

Well said!!!!