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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nuptial nook- the wishing tree

I am enamored with this guest book idea! As I am such a fan of custom, original, & unique wedding concepts that manage to be "different" while still maintaining taste and class, this particular design speaks to me. The arrangement would make a stunning statement as guests enter the reception, and it's such a fun idea for the guests to be able to hang their well-wishes like ornaments on the branches of what becomes a wishing tree for the bride & groom. I look forward to having a bride who commissions me to design this for her!
(I found this photo online a year or so ago, and unfortunately can't remember where I found it... otherwise I would give you a link. I do, however, think I remember that it was from a feature on Tori Spelling's wedding. Go figure.)
Natalia & David's wedding is this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. The color concept is rich fall hues- mustard yellow, rust, burgundy, chocolate brown, and let's not forget to throw in some purple- it will be beautiful! Watch for a post on their wedding soon.

Until then...

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