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Thursday, October 15, 2009

"button, button, who's got the button?" ...giveaway!

Did you ever play the "who's got the button" game when you were little? I used to play it all the time; I loved it.

Well, here's the grown up version for you!

Over the past six months or so, I've been trying out new logos in an attempt to get the right look. I wanted something simple yet bold that really showed off the company name, "Blossom Sweet." I think I've finally gotten it- it's simple, it's signature, and it's fittingly sweet. I know it's so important to successfully brand myself with a recognizable corporate identity, so I don't anticipate changing the logo again for a long time- if ever.

So, without further adieu, here it is:

And now for the more exciting part-
THE "Button, button, who's got the button" GIVEAWAY!

The new Blossom Sweet logo is available in button-form on the left-hand sidebar of the blog. As I am trying to brand my company, I would ask that those of you who have any of the former button versions please update to the new and improved version, although the old ones will still work.

To put the button on your blog, simple copy the button code, login to your blogger account, and in the layout section click on "add a gadget." Choose the "html/javascript" option, paste the code, and voila! You now have the Blossom Sweet button which automatically links to this blog.

The giveway is open to any and all participants who have the new "Blossom Sweet" button displayed on their blog, whether you previously had the button or not. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and we'll have a drawing next week to announce the winner. Thanks, all!

7 sweet thought{s}:

Alison said...

All of your buttons have been fab! But I'll update to the latest and greatest!!

(missed you at the game last night!!)

Gawdun said...

I'm into this button design over the other ones by FAR! Nice job.

PS. I'm not leaving this comment to win your giveaway. I think this is just a spiffy nifty button

Hema and Becky said...

I made the switch and you're tight it is pretty very cute! Love it!

Jill said...

My favorite one!

Judy and KC said...

It's now on my blog page. Very cute!

Rach, Mike and Allie said...

Added! I love the detail in the flower

Ella Bella Floral said...

love your new logo... very stylish:)