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Saturday, July 18, 2009

{winna winna, out of office, & liz's bouquet}

This will be a three-part post.

First, thanks for the great giveaway response! We have a winna!
Congrats to Rachel,
the "celebrate 10,000 hits with a giveaway" winner!

Second, I will be OUT OF OFFICE from Sunday, July 19 through Monday, July 27. I will not have access to internet, but if necessary I can be reached by cell phone @ 801-669-4646.

And last but not least, let's focus on Elizabeth's bridal sitting bouquet I designed this morning. Elizabeth is getting married in Park City next month and I'll tell you what- this is one event I am ECSTATIC about! I could have cried this morning because I LOVE this bouquet but I had zero time to take decent photos, so the few pictures I did get do not do it justice!

However please enjoy the few snapshots I was able to get:

design elements:
Brooch: I'm a big proponent of brooches on bouquets; I have my special stash of them.
Ribbon: Imported Dutch Satin, champagne brown.
Flowers: Dahlias, hanging amaranthus, lisianthus, hydrangea, coneflower, millet, and china berries.

I received a voicemail today from Elizabeth about her bouquet, in which she said (among other things) that the bouquet was, "absolutely the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I love it!" Well, let's just say that as much as I was sad I didn't get the best photos in the world, her message completely made up for it! Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm SO glad you loved it, and I hope the bridals went fantastically well! I love having happy brides.

Have a great coming week, everyone!

1 sweet thought{s}:

Rach, Mike and Allie said...

Wahoo! I also LOVE the flowers, you really are amazing!