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Friday, July 10, 2009

{michele and alan}

Michele and Alan were married in April, and Michele was sweet enough to email me some of her favorite bouquet photos that she received from her photographer. Thanks, Michele!

*photography by kevin winzeler*

my personal favorite:

And I'll close today's post off with a sweet note Michele sent me that I so much appreciated! Thanks, M & A!

"Thank you SO much for doing the flowers for the wedding!!! They looked perfect. I like the bouquet in the one of Peyton (Alan's niece), she could hardly hold it up. And now she seems to associate me with bouquets of flowers. Every time she sees one she points, says "Ichele?" and starts looking around for me.
Hope that all is going well. I will recommend you to anyone getting hitched in the near or distant future. You are so talented and your love for your work really shows."

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