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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{give me a giveaway!}

It's that time again...GIVEAWAY TIME!

First, what is this month's class? I'm teaching the girls how to create wheatgrass arrangements. There are so many different decor options using wheatgrass- I just LOVE the stuff. It is fast-growing, hard to ruin, and cute, cute, cute. Here are some examples:

I came across this wedding online, and realized it was one of my friends! Lauren was married in California last year and from the photos I've seen, I can tell her wedding was GORGEOUS. See more photos on the original post here. But for now, enjoy this photo of her wheatgrass guest book- all the guests left little notes in the grass baskets for the couple.
LOVE this. Love the colors, and of course love the votive wrapped in wheatgrass. See the original post here.
And just in time for Easter, wheatgrass is a cute accent for the Spring holiday.

To enter this month's giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite Easter tradition or memory.
I'll be posting the winner along with wheatgrass tips in a couple of days, enter while you can!
Good luck!

7 sweet thought{s}:

The Sauls Family said...

My best Easter so far was last year when Isabella was baptized!

Bairds said...

Most memorable: My family used to go to the canyon every Easter for a picnic. I tried to be cool and follow the big kids across provo river, even though my dad already told me not to. I crossed the log and my dad yelled at me and then I fell into the Provo river. Luckily I'm still alive

Dev said...

My favorite Easter tradition is getting a new Easter dress every Easter. We always had Easter baskets waiting for us when we woke up and we loved going on a treasure hunt to find it. I love Easter Sunday. The songs, the meaning behind it, it's all just so amazing! We always enjoy a delicious ham dinner too.

Megan said...

Hi Melissa! It's Megan Clarke (now Rinke), do you remember me? It's been a long time! I came across your blog from Facebook and I love your work, so beautiful! My favorite thing about Easter is definitely the wonderful candy that comes out this time of year... Cadbury Mini Eggs...

T-Ray said...

My mom would sew us Easter dresses every year growing up and we would find them laying at the bottom of our bed when we woke up. I loved wearing my new home made dress to church every year.

McRae Family said...

I love love love your work!! I'm Bren McRae's wife and am super sad that you were on your mission when we got married! I would have LOVED to have you do my flowers!!

ashley.warner said...

Do you offer classes for floral arranging??