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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{twitterpated trivia}

1. 110 million roses are bought and delivered during the three days surrounding Valentine's
2. 15% of women purchase V-day flowers for themselves
3. 1 billion Valentines cards are sent out each year

Thanks to everyone who submitted guesses. If you got at least two out of three answers correctly, you were entered into this month's giveaway drawing.

Congratulations, Karrissa! You'll be getting your prize within the next week or so!

4 sweet thought{s}:

Brendon and Stephanie said...

That question made me laugh..."What percent of women buy flowers for themselves?" Whatever makes one happy!

Karrissa Winward said...

Seriously?!?! How exciting! Thanks Melissa! That was so fun!! Wahoo- I won my first blog drawing!!

Melissa Suzanne said...

Steph, that question made me laugh too that's why I put it on! However, even though it made me laugh I realized later that I'm among those women! I have a V-day centerpiece sitting on my coffee table right now that I made for myself. But, I think I'm okay b/c I made it to make my place look cute, not to make me feel better about myself and pretend a guy got them for me. lol anyway glad you thought it was funny. :)

Laura said...

I almost made those hearts this year in the picture you have shown :-).

Also, LOVE your stuff! You are super talented.