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Monday, February 23, 2009

{nuptial nook-green and pink}

We're implementing another series of blog-posts here at Blossom Sweet! Welcome to the 'Nuptial Nook'. Here you'll find weekly ideas and inspiration for all things matrimonial. It should be exciting. :) Enjoy!

'InStyle Weddings' is a great and easily accessible source of inspiration for brides to be. The following three cakes have all been featured in the magazine and are variations on the general color scheme of green and pink- a color scheme which seems to be making a comeback with my brides this year.

I like all of them, but this first photo is my personal favorite of the bunch because I love the atypical hues.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{seasons of love}

I just realized that although I announced that my ad came out a couple months ago, I haven't yet shown you the finished product. Apologies.

Winter 2009 Edition
(currently in circulation)

Spring 2009 Edition

Summer 2009 Edition

Fall 2009 Edition

Which cover is your favorite? Personally, I like them all but my preference is the Fall Edition. I'd love to know which one you like the best!
*none of the cover brides were from weddings I did, therefore none of the bouquets on the cover were my designs.*

This is my ad which is in each of the four editions of the magazine. It's right next to the table of contents... I'm so glad I got such great placement!

Hope you all like the look of the magazine! To view the entire magazine online, click here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

{happy valentines day!}

In response to Stephanie's comment on my last post, I decided to own up to the fact that I myself am indeed one of 'those women'- part of the percentage who buy themselves Valentines flowers! :) That being said, let me say that I think something is to be said of the fact that I own a flower business and therefore have the impulsive desire to flower-ize my living space for such a holiday as Valentines! I just like pretty things and I like being festive- I promise I didn't do it to pretend they were from a man. ;)

Here are a few pictures of my V-day centerpiece (that I bought/designed for myself) which I currently have in my front room.

I created a custom arrangement this week for Tracy (one of my favorite blogstalkers!) that her husband ordered for her. I liked it so much that I made one for myself. Here's a close up.
I am a lover of simplicity. I love taking a simple concept like this (vases with just one type of flower in them, in this case carnations) and then making vase collages. And might I add that carnations individually are one of my least favorite flowers, but carnations in abundance packed together suddenly become flowers I love.
And just for fun, I thought I'd tell you the story of what happened to my car tonight. We had a Friday the 13th Girls Night with all the girls in our ward where we told 'dating horror stories'. Ha ha! SO funny. I can't believe some of the gems these girls have had the privilege of dating.

Anyway, while we were about our business of sharing our hilarious stories, this is what was happening to our cars in the parking lot:

The men in our ward were toilet-papering, saran-wrapping, candy/oreo sticking, and writing on our cars! I hear they were disguised in hoodies, how very stealth of you, boys. :)
Wub u all too.
Happy Valentines Day! I get to go to the symphony in Salt Lake! I think it will be fun. What are all of your fun plans for the 14th?



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{twitterpated trivia}

1. 110 million roses are bought and delivered during the three days surrounding Valentine's
2. 15% of women purchase V-day flowers for themselves
3. 1 billion Valentines cards are sent out each year

Thanks to everyone who submitted guesses. If you got at least two out of three answers correctly, you were entered into this month's giveaway drawing.

Congratulations, Karrissa! You'll be getting your prize within the next week or so!

Monday, February 9, 2009

{give me a giveaway!}

Let me just say the past week has been CRAZY busy for me. That being said, I'll make this post short and sweet.

Kamie and Tracy, two of the enrichment atendees with their V-Day arrangements. Good work, ladies and thanks for the picture, Tracy!
And now... it's giveaway time!

Valentine's trivia questions:
1. How many millions of roses are sold and delivered during the three days surrounding Valentines?
2. What percentage of women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day?
3. Approximately how many Valentine's Day cards are sent out each year?

Submit your guesses in the comments section for a chance to win our February giveaway! For this months questions, looking up info is legitimate seeing as your answers would otherwise be way off. :)

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

{it's that time again}

First off, my apologies for the scarcity in posting the last little while! I have been super busy the past few weeks with work- but that's a good thing!

Now onto serious business. :) I'm quite excited for this month's floral design enrichment class which I will be teaching on Thursday. The initial concept for this month came from the above photo which I came across at the Martha Stewart site. I think it's adorable. (For a "how to" on this arrangement, click here.)

Ours will be more 'Valentine-y' as far as colors go, and we will be using different design elements to fit our enrichment budget, but I think the concept of the conversation hearts is adorable!

Be sure to check back this weekend to see pictures from the class and to enter February's giveaway- it's gonna be a good one this month!