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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{leave your guess for a chance to win!}

Last week we had our second floral design enrichment class. It went well and everyone did a great job! My ward is full of FABULOUS sisters.
I taught how to present flowers as a gift without having to buy a vase. This presentation technique uses wrapping or tissue paper, cellophane, and ribbon. The arrangements are free standing and in water, but no vase is required! So fun.

Thanks to two of the attendees, Tracy and Rashae, for dressing alike- it really adds a lot to the picture. ha ha

"Matchy matchy {stripes} squared!"*

That quote comes from one of my all time FAVORITE movies.
Who knows which movie I'm talking about? Leave your guess in the comments section. I'll wait to publish all the comments until the end of the contest... that way until then you won't be able to see the other guesses!
Whoever guesses correctly will be entered in a drawing for a sweet surprise!

*the actual movie quote is, "Matchy matchy green squared!"

8 sweet thought{s}:

The Sauls Family said...

That line is from "Retun to Me", which is a HILARIOUS movie!!! That scene is my favorite. Would you like some swiss water?? ;)

Amberlin Baxter said...

Return to Me!!!!

Courtney N said...

Return to Me, of course!

Janet said...

It's from "Return to Me" one of my favorites. And I want to know how to do that!

judy said...

LOVE your work! You are SO talented. "Return to Me" is the movie that was from, I believe. -Judy (Rachel's mom)

Brendon and Stephanie said...

It's only my favorite movie too. Unfortunately, I'm terrible with movie lines. So I had to cheat and look it up. Oh, the internet...access to everything. I hope your true winner didn't cheat ;)

Dev said...

They really did a good job. What a fun idea! I would love to learn how to do that someday!
I believe the quote is from "Return To Me".

Anonymous said...

Melanie's guess- Return to Me