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Friday, December 12, 2008

{who's your daddy?}

Let me tell you a story- a story of a great dad and the miraculous things he can pull off.
The magazine came off the press today (Thursday) and looks great! I'm SO excited! It goes on store shelves tomorrow (Friday), but... that is not the miracle. The miracle is that I wasn't expecting the magazine to come out until mid-January and just found out this afternoon that it would be in mailboxes throughout UT Valley as of tomorrow. Aaahhh! I hadn't begun to update my website yet. I figured I had until at least the end of December!
Enter my dad. I went home to my family's house around 7 pm and I am just now getting back to my place at 5 am. With absolutely no notice, my dad helped me revamp, remodel, and basically redo my website ALL NIGHT. (Well, I say that he helped me, but really, it was more like me getting the portfolio pictures ready for him for a few hours and then watching a chick flick providing moral support while he did the hard stuff!) So, needless to say I use the term 'help' loosely. :)
Anyway, the miracle is that


And it looks great. It is basically the same concept as what we had before, but even more great! Check it out! I think you guys will really like it.
So here's a shout out to my dad, and to all the dads who wish they were as good as my dad. Love you, pops.

*disclaimer: I am not sad about the magazine coming out early, I am ecstatic! Ultra surprised, but ecstatic!*

*disclaimer #2: it kind of works that the only pic on my computer I have of my dad is of him and my mom in their christmas color coordinated shirts. 'tis the season*

8 sweet thought{s}:

Janet said...

Great website and cute picture of your parents! Good luck!

Jillybean said...

I loved your website before, but now I love it even more! It's so much easier to view your portfolio. How lucky you are to have such a good (not to mention talented) dad!

Congratulations on your ad too. I'm excited to see it!

Lanenga Family said...

Looks good! Aren't dads great?!

Brendon and Stephanie said...

Aren't dads great?!? I laughed about your "moral support while watching a chick-flick."

You have quite the portfolio. I looked at all the pictures, even though I've already seen most of them and still love them. The photography is great and the flowers are phenomenal. I love that Lauren is in the portfolio pictures. You are so amazing!

Jane said...

Your dad is great!

Delynn said...

Hey Melissa, It's Delynn Rodriguez Groves. We played basketball in 9th grade together, remember me? Anyways, I have been "stalking" your blog, and I have to say, you are amazing! Your bouquets are gorgeous. I had no idea you were so talented. I recommend you to all my friends. I hope buisness is good for you. It's fun to see all your insanely creative ideas! :)

Chavez Family said...

Really happy for you and Congrats most of all!

Karrissa Winward said...

Looks great!