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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

{a little bit of sister love}

In the ward I live in, I'm one of the enrichment committee members and I just started up a monthly floral class for the sisters. We did our first class last week and made Fall arrangements in pumpkins. We had 17 sisters attend the class and it was a lot of fun!

Check out these cute girls! They did really well! Especially considering it was their first class, huh?

I actually had fun hollowing out these pumpkins for the enrichment class. Luckily it didn't take me as long as I thought it would!
Thanks for coming girls and hope you can all make it next time!

Monday, November 24, 2008

{drumroll please...}

The results are in! I'm glad that the 'eggplant and lime' bouquet won over all seeing as that is the bouquet featured in my actual ad. But, overall, I think it's great that the results ended up being fairly even because that means that each bouquet will appeal to a certain audience when the magazine comes out. Thanks to all who voted! Watch for new posts soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

{oh me, oh my}

So here's the deal guys. These are my four bouquets and their corresponding descriptions that are going in the 'flowers section' of the magazine that comes out in... less than two months! Yeah! I'm excited to get to have four of my bouquets featured in the section.
So, just for fun, what I want all of you to do is check out these little lovelies, and then cast your vote in the poll (located at the top right-hand corner of the blog) for your favorite! I like all of them so I'm curious to see which one 'wins'. Enjoy!


A bride can’t go wrong with the classic ‘black and white’ wedding. But why not spice it up a little? White hydrangeas and various black-airbrushed stems stand out all the more with accents of magenta and lime. It’s a unique little twist to tradition.
Available at Blossom Sweet Weddings.


Think pink, and love it! If you’re a bride who loves pink, this is the classy and fun way to do it. Two shades of roses, delicate lisianthus, and standout dahlias complete this fresh look.
Available at Blossom Sweet Weddings.


Seasonally ambiguous, this eggplant and lime themed bouquet is perfect for the bride of any season. Lime berries and eggplant fiddlehead fern flawlessly complement the callas, orchids, and roses.
Available at Blossom Sweet Weddings.


Love bright colors that really ‘pop’? Try this gorgeous fall bouquet on for size. Not getting married in the fall? Just trade out the red roses for another color such as fuchsia or coral and you’ve got yourself a bouquet that can work any time of the year.
Available at Blossom Sweet Weddings.

So, get your vote on!
P.S. Love all you blog stalkers

*photography by Dave Blackhurst of Utah Valley Bride Magazine*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

{august bride}

Brooke was married back in August in the Bountiful Temple. I know it's November now... but here are some of her pretty pictures. Enjoy!

Just married:
Her cake:
Before the reception @ Gardner Village:

Thanks for the pictures, Brooke!
*photos by dan hixson photography*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

{can't help it, the girl can't help it}

I vowed not to post my own pictures of this wedding. I'm un-vowing myself! Here's a couple of my own shots.
*disclaimer: y'all still ain't getting one of the bouquet yet!*

the cake:
the centerpieces:
the end
for now...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


okay okay. I know I just posted this morning. And, I really don't have time to be posting right now. BUT. I just made Allie's temple bouquet for tomorrow morning and I can't resist posting about my excitement! It turned out so beautifully and I am obsessed! I took a picture of it but I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't post my amateur photos on this one because they wouldn't begin to do justice! Just look forward to a post with flowers in the colors of rust, mustard yellow, chocolate brown, and creme with hints of bright orange and green. Sigh. So pretty.
So excited for your wedding tomorrow, Allie, and beyond ecstatic to get the professional pics of this bouquet and all the other beauties I'm working on for you! Gotta go.

{coming soon....}

Well, here is the final proof of my ad! I love it! It will be a full page ad and will come out in the first issue in January, and then in three more issues throughout 2009. I went for simple so it would stand out- hope you guys love it!
Like the photography featured in my ad? Me too! Jonathan Nickle was the talented photographer I entrusted with my ad photos. To contact Jonathan for rates, questions, or availability, email him at

As a side note, look forward to more posting in the next little while. I have four weddings I haven't posted yet (I'm just waiting for the pictures from the photogs); I'll be posting the pictures of the four other bouquets that will be featured in the 'flowers section' of the magazine; and finally, I have Allie's wedding in two days and I CAN'T WAIT to see the final result! It's going to be STUNNINGLY beautiful with Fall colors and some unique elements!

*Special thanks to Jessica for the ad design!*
visit Jessica's blog HERE