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Sunday, September 7, 2008

{opinionated? welcome.}

The songs on my new blog playlist (see far right column) are the songs I will hypothetically be using on my new website. I love way too many songs I decided. I had to really limit myself so that the playlist would be somewhat cohesive.
What do you think? PLEASE let me know which songs you love, which songs you hate, or any other suggestions you may have as the list isn't necessarily complete. I need some honest opinions!Thanks to those of you who have already offered suggestions! Much appreciated!

3 sweet thought{s}:

Jill said...

I love Joss Stone's voice and think that her song would be perfect for a florist website because it's sassy and flirty and cute, and the flowers are about the bride, so it just fits!

Brendon and Stephanie said...

Crazy! I just came to your blog to listen to some music while working and saw this post.
Unfortunately, I don't see any playlist. I don't know what happened, but nobody's playlists are showing up for me :( ...but I'll let you know my favs as soon as I can listen to them.

Jessica Wall said...

I love all the songs on the playlist! Joss Stone's version of LOVE is really fun, has a cool sound. I also thought the Adam Sandler one is so funny! and cute! Love them all, good choices Meliss!