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Saturday, August 2, 2008

{weird car accident!}

The following story has nothing to do with flowers or weddings.
However, I thought it was noteworthy.
I was on my way to work this morning, and the car in front of me was driving VERY slowly; significantly under the speed limit of 25 mph. Now, my pet peeve is when people go under the speed limit, especially when I'm late. But, there was a handicap symbol on the liscence plate and I could see that the lady driving was a bit older, so I was being patient.
Fast forward to when we get to the stoplight. The lady went to turn right, the same way I was going. For over a minute she sat there as the first car at the intersection and didn't turn right, although she had plenty of opportunity to go. Again, I was patient.
Then suddenly out of the blue, her brake lights come off and she slams on the gas in reverse!!!! I honked really loud and long, but it was too late. She rammed into my car (which, by the way just barely got a new bumper put on less than a month ago- good timing). Anyway who does that? You don't reverse at an intersection! Especially without even thinking that there could possibly be someone behind you! Anyway, this little old lady gets out and told me she 'didn't see me'. I don't know how someone misses an EXCURSION. Oh well. Luckily she and I are okay. Just thought I'd tell you my little story.

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