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Sunday, June 29, 2008

{lauren's bridals}

Love the waterfall in the background. Pretty pic.

Lauren actually won free bridals at a bridal show and wasn't going to get them, that is until I scolded her! I'm glad she ended up getting them.

Beautiful! The flowers may not be the focus of the picture, but I love the colors and the look of the photo.

Lauren is one of my good friends from high school. She has to be the most laid back bride I've ever met! I love it. Furthest from 'bridezilla' as you can get. She's getting some funky flowers!
*photography by jessie lynn photography*

3 sweet thought{s}:

seantiner.com said...

very beautiful!

Devri said...

I love the blog!!! You did a really good job setting all up. I'm glad you asked me where to go. :-) You really are so creative and so talented. All your work is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see more gorgeous flowers!

Rachelle said...

You are awesome. Now that my mom is moving to Utah maybe I'll end up getting married here and you can do my flowers! But that won't be for awhile, so we'll see.