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Sunday, June 29, 2008

{cristianne and josh}

I made hydrangea topiaries to go on the sides of the TV where the wedding video was played. They were adorable; this was another wedding where I was grateful for the creative freedom.

This was a beautiful wedding party; I NEED these styles of bridesmaids dresses for my wedding!

The bride and groom at the reception. The flowers on the archway added a lot and looked beautiful.

This was on the head table at the wedding luncheon.

These two lovebirds were set up by a mutual friend and are such a cute couple. Cris is from Brazil and Josh is from Centerville. Due to visa issues, Cris didn't get here to Utah until just a couple weeks before the big day! So, the way her colors were chosen was her favorite color, purple; and Josh's favorite color, green. I think she was pleasantly surprised how it all turned out! They were married in May 2008 in the Bountiful temple.

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