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Sunday, June 29, 2008

{lauren's bridals}

Love the waterfall in the background. Pretty pic.

Lauren actually won free bridals at a bridal show and wasn't going to get them, that is until I scolded her! I'm glad she ended up getting them.

Beautiful! The flowers may not be the focus of the picture, but I love the colors and the look of the photo.

Lauren is one of my good friends from high school. She has to be the most laid back bride I've ever met! I love it. Furthest from 'bridezilla' as you can get. She's getting some funky flowers!
*photography by jessie lynn photography*

{rachel's wedding}


I was IN LOVE with this cake.

Rachel loves candles so she wanted simple centerpieces with red fruit and candles. They turned out very beautifully!

They had the photographer do a 'photo booth', so there are pictures like this of all the guests. I think that's a really cute idea.

At the SLC temple.

And here are some of her wedding pictures! And not just the proofs!

This is my favorite bridal. I love the lighting and the red door with the red flowers. She is SO pretty.

Rachel was married in June, 2008. Here are some of the proofs of her bridals.
*photography by simplicity photography*

{cristianne and josh}

I made hydrangea topiaries to go on the sides of the TV where the wedding video was played. They were adorable; this was another wedding where I was grateful for the creative freedom.

This was a beautiful wedding party; I NEED these styles of bridesmaids dresses for my wedding!

The bride and groom at the reception. The flowers on the archway added a lot and looked beautiful.

This was on the head table at the wedding luncheon.

These two lovebirds were set up by a mutual friend and are such a cute couple. Cris is from Brazil and Josh is from Centerville. Due to visa issues, Cris didn't get here to Utah until just a couple weeks before the big day! So, the way her colors were chosen was her favorite color, purple; and Josh's favorite color, green. I think she was pleasantly surprised how it all turned out! They were married in May 2008 in the Bountiful temple.

{jessica and kalle}

April 2008
...more photos to come soon...

{photo shoot}

These centerpieces were fun. They were HUGE!

This is probably my favorite bouquet I have ever made. I sure hope I get married in the Fall because to me Fall colors are the most beautiful!

It's hard to go wrong with simple.

Tulips have a mind of their own, which is part of their charm.

One of my very favorite photos. I love the background!

I loved this bouquet. I think it looks good with the bamboo, too.

My brother Jonathan is an excellent photographer in Salt Lake City. When I was making my website, I thought it would be fun to have him do a photo shoot of some centerpieces and bouquets and what not so I could put them in my online portfolio. These are just a fraction of the pictures that he took. Thanks, Jonathan!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

{michelle's wedding}

I really love this picture; what a cute little bridesmaid! She's the little sister of the groom and somehow got a hold of the bride's bouquet at the reception I guess. I absolutely loved this bouquet. I'm very grateful to Michelle for being a bride who allowed me lots of creative freedom! I think things always turn out better that way. :)

I love this picture. I thought it would be cute to make little tags for all the boutonnières and corsages because no one ever knows who gets what! It was very cute and I plan on doing it from now on. Details!

Michelle is an Art major, and she has a unique style. I loved doing her flowers; they were definitely the most unique that I've ever done! All the flowers had peacock feathers in them, and it turned out beautifully!

Michelle was the first wedding I did after coming home from my mission. I had been home less than a month, and got a phone call from Michelle's mom saying she heard I did wedding flowers. I didn't know them, but I'm glad they called me because it got me started back up right away! Michelle's wedding was in March of 2008, less than two months after I got home. Thanks guys!

{kaylee and scott}

This is one of my favorite photos of my flowers. It's simple, but I think it's gorgeous!

Did her cake have TONS of flowers on it? Yes. Was it pretty? Yes!

This was one wedding with a ton of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Kaylee and Scott were married in June 2006; the last wedding I did before my mission. Kaylee has to be one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen. The reception was outdoors and the setting was perfect. I absolutely loved Kaylee's flowers.

{rachel's wedding}

On top of the piano where live music was being played.

The front porch as guests arrived.

This fresh flower wreath was hanging on the front door where the guests entered the reception. It was the perfect entrance.

While I must say that this is the only blue wedding cake I've ever seen, I actually really liked it!

Rachel was married in 2006, and her flowers were absolutely stunning. She used giant peonies in all of her bouquets and arrangements. Peonies have got to be one of the most beautiful flowers around. Her colors were shades of pink and blue. Her reception was held in her backyard and luckily it didn't rain! It was so cloudy all day. I really enjoyed doing her flowers because not only were they beautiful, but unique!
*photography by images by em*

{erin and taylor}

After doing Megan's flowers, more and more weddings started coming. This particular picture is of Erin and Taylor Miller, who were married in the Salt Lake temple. I wish I had pictures of the centerpieces and reception flowers! They were so beautiful with red cranberries filling the vases, and then huge white lilies and red roses for the flowers. Beautiful!

{megan marie}

Megan is one of my best friends. We met when we were placed together as roommates and became instant friends. We remained roommates for 18 months. When we met I was working at a flower shop and although other brides had asked me to personally do their wedding flowers on my own, Megan was the first that I actually agreed to. I couldn't say no to her sweet face! This was the first bouquet I had ever made in my life! This particular picture is not only gorgeous, but extremely special to me as less than a month after her wedding in the Bountiful temple, Megan passed away in a tragic car accident. I treasure this picture, and I am so grateful to my sweet Megs for getting me started in my wedding flower business. Love you!!!

{i'm a blogger!}

So, I am new to blogging. At least in the sense in having my own blog anyway.
I LOVE being able to have a hand in creating beautiful weddings so I hope ya'll enjoy some pretty flower pictures!